Add-ons to Crating Services

Weather Proofing

When our wooden crates are used for storage, especially outdoors, we strongly recommend that they be weatherproofed to protect against elements that can damage goods. We can weatherproof crates by lining the interior, including the lid with a heavy-duty industrial plastic prior to assembly. This ensures that your goods will be protected such against harmful elements as damp air and salt water.

On-site Packing & Crating

On-site crating can help reduce your wait time on products since delivery is not a factor. Other benefits include cutting costs associated with moving your crated goods and the ability to control environmental conditions if you have sensitive items to crate and ship. If you would like to have your goods packed on-site, let us know when you request a quote.

Heat Treating & Fumigation

Solid Crate is an ISPM 15 certified manufacturer of wood products. Having your freight heat treated and stamped with the high-recognizable ISPM stamp ensures that your goods can be exported safely. If you need to ship to other countries, having the wood heat treated and fumigated eliminates delays at international entry and exit points.